Rudra Farm

Rudra Farm is natural haven on earth & is a nature lover’s paradise. With all possible comforts you sit in a lap of Mother Nature. Amenities include a big sized clean Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Badminton, Single Pole Basket Ball, Water Fall, Fully equipped Kitchen, Terrace & Gazebo all set amidst 5 acres of lush green lawns. Close to Aravali hills with fresh air and sweet water, our farm offers relaxing ambience in the arms of nature. It is a 8-bedroom property with a very large Living Room doubles up as additional sleeping room with 4 Single Beds.

Nature Lovers Farm

In the hope of making our lives more comfortable and easy, in the never ending race for conquering the best of technology, knowingly or unknowingly we all have killed the child within ourselves. We all miss the old childhood days, when we had no worries, no competition & no targets. Just plain simple lives with full day of fun and activities. Games and sports were so simple that one needed no costly equipments or special training to enjoy them, unlike today when it is more or less mandatory for every kid to buy costly equipments and hire trainers to enjoy any game or sport.